JAF Member Card Rental

For vehicle accidents or trouble

Add 3 benefits for just500yen(tax ex.)more!

JAF Member Card

  • Japanese language interpretation services for non-Japanese speakers*Limited to vehicle malfunction/accidents
  • Free roadside assistance*Some services are paid services.
  • We assist wherever and whenever you need us, 24 hours a day

JAF Card Rental 500yen +(TAX)

*Card renters will be assenssed 2,000 yen (tax-free) if the JAF membership card is lost or damaged.


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Vehicle malfunction/trouble

  • Emergency repair

    Emergency repair
  • Towing

  • Lockout service

    Lockout service
  • Flat battery

    Flat battery
  • Flat Tire

    Flat Tire
  • Out of fuel

    Out of fuel
We assist with simple car troubles that don't require parts or gasoline costs. Call JAF first !!

Request assistance for vehicle malfunction/trouble

Call the JAF road service request line
0570-00-8139 Speed dial #8139 24hours/day, 365 days/year foreign language available
*If you can’t get thorough to it,call the following numberHokkaido Call Center
*Call are not toll-free. Also, calls cannot be made from some fixed-line phones or some IP mobile phones,etc.
*Customers will be billed separately for the following
  • ・Towing services for distances of 15 km or longer (at 720 yen (tax inc.) per km)
  • ・Gasoline and vehicle parts costs are billed at actual price.(Except when caused by the vehicle)
  • ・Separate charges may apply for tasks to handle a vehicle that has been in an acdcident, or lift an overturned vehicle or a vehiucle with a wheel off the side of the road.

What you should do in the event of an accident or car trouble.

  • Rescue the Injured

    *Be sure to note the time,date,location and status of the accident.
    *If another person is involved,do not try to settle it privately at the scene of the accident.
  • Report to the Police

    *Unless an accident is reported to the police, an official accident certificate will not be issued and could prevent your voluntary insurance from applying.
  • Please, call us

    Please tell us your car number and reservation name.
JAF cards are limited stock, so please make a reservation in advance.