Flow of use

Here is an introduction of “Flow of use”. We hope this will enable you to enjoy your travel and business trip in Hokkaido by using Rent a Car without difficulties.
Please take a look at our introduction if it is your first time using Rent a Car.

Online Reservation

When you select pick-up location from reservation form, we will link automatically to TOYOTA rent-a-car reservation site.

Car rental Locations

Online Reservation

Visiting our shop

Please bring the following documents with you and tell the counter staff that you have a reservation.

Required Documents

  • Passport(for all drivers)
  • Driving license(for all drivers)
  • Credit card or cash

The amount of payment is based on your time of using and option. Please complete the payment by credit card or cash. (The use of Car Classes P4-P5.HV3.W.VCK only accepts payment by credit card.) The final payment will be calculated when you return the car and please pay for any extra cost.

Before you start your trip

Please confirm the contract, which stated the details of the deal. And check if there is a scratch or dent on the car before you start your trip.

  • We will prepare the contract. Should you have an enquiry please consult our staff.
  • Please sign the contract after confirming the details and pay for the estimated amount.
  • Check if there is a scratch or dent on the car with the staff.
  • Adjust the seat and car mirror. Do not forget to fasten your seatbelt in both the front seat and back seat.

Drop off the car

Fill up the tank with fuel when you return the car. After checking any damage on the car, we will calculate the final payment and please pay for any extra cost.

Please fill up the tank with fuel at nearby gas station when you return.
(If the tank is not fully filled up, please pay for the fuel base on your driving distance.)

Please contact the shop you are going to return in case of delay.(Penalty will be imposed on any overdue without contacting us.)

When you return to the shop, the staff will check if there is any damage and then calculate the extra payment.

Please do not leave any of your belongings inside the car.

Reservation, Amendment, Cancellation


You can get your quotation, search for vacant vehicle and make reservation online.

Reservation Period Until 2 days before your departure.
(*Some of our shops accept reservation until 3 hours before departure.)
Answer to Reservation A reply email will be generated when you completed your reservation. (Automatic Reply)
Amendment, Cancellation Please contact us by this telephone number to amend or cancel your reservation.
(Free Dial: 0120-511-620)(8:00~20:00)
*We may be unable to deal with your change in reservation depends on the vacancy of vehicle.
Choosing a Car You can choose the car class and car model.
*In T2 class or other higher class, various models are classified within the same class. For more details please contact us by telephone.
*Private Car(P) / Wagon(W) / RV Class are all equipped with car navigation and ETC system.

We accept reservation by telephone in Toyota Rental & Leasing New Sapporo Reservation Centre (Free Dial: 0120-511-620) and other branches.

Amendment, Cancellation

Please contact us as soon as possible in case of changing or cancelling your reservation.
Cancellation fee will be charged when you request to cancel your reservation.
If we cannot receive any contact even 1 hour passed after the time of rental, reservation will be cancelled and cancellation fee will be imposed.

Cancellation fee

Private Car, Mini-Van, Wagon, RV

Until 7 days before your departure None
6 - 3 days before your departure 20% of estimated amount
2 - 1 days before your departure 30% of estimated amount
On your departure day or after 50% of estimated amount

The maximum cancellation fee of the vehicles listed above is 6480yen. (6000yen tax excluded)