Insurance Coverage

If you are involved in an accident, a certain amount of coverage will be provided as below

Physical Damage Single person: Unlimited
Property Damage Single occurrence: Unlimited (Indemnity up to 50000yen)
Rental Car Damage Single occurrence: Current price (Indemnity up to 50000yen)
Injury to Passengers Up to 30 million yen per person

*Passengers will be compensated with injury benefit for the injury (Including death or handicaps) being caused by the car accident, regardless of the drivers' responsibility. (Limit: up to 30 million yen; the amount will be decided by the insurance company base on its insurance policy)
. However, amount which exceeds the Damage Waiver or the Insurance Coverage shall be borne by customers.
. Coverage will not be provided if a police report is not available or an accident which is applicable to the waiver clause of the insurance policy.
. Coverage will not be provided if the rental car is returned late without contacting us.

Damage Waiver

Fee: 1080 yen per 24 hours. The indemnity as stated above will be exempted if customer joins the Damage Waiver policy.

Type of cars Joining Fee (per 24 hours)
Automobile 1080 yen (1000 yen, before tax)

Navigation System

All our hire cars have navigation system. There is no extra charge for it.

Child Seat

Baby Seats, Child Seats and Junior Seats are available.
A child under 6 years of age is required to be seated on Child Seat by law.
Customers must request Child Seat during reservation if any child under 6 years of age will ride on the vehicle.

Type of Child Seats Applicable to a child whose
Baby Seats
3 parts seat belt
Weight under 9kg
Height below 100cm
Under 9 months old
Child Seats
3 parts seat belt
Weight between 9-18kg
Height below 100cm
Between the ages of 9 months and 4 years old
Junior Seats
3 parts seat belt
Weight between 15-32kg
Height below 135cm
Between the ages of 4 and 10

Ski Carriers, Sheets, Ropes

We offer sheets, ropes for carrying ski equipments or moving house
For details, please click here


Options Charges (Tax Included) Duration
Baby Seats, Child Seats and Junior Seats 540yen 3 days (72 hours)
Ski Carriers, Snowboard Carriers Automobile 1080yen each 1 trip
Wagon, RV 2160yen each 1 trip
Please select the number of ski or snowboard in the Optional offer column
Sheets, Ropes 540yen each 1 trip

Petrol Charge

Our rental car is provided with a full tank of fuel. Please fill up before returning. If you return the rental car without filling it up, Petrol Charge depends on the traveled distance will be imposed.
Refueling facility is available in New Chitose Airpot SUZURAN

One Way Charge

TOYOTA Rent a Car has 46 branches in all Hokkaido. You can pick up and drop off at any branches. If you want to drop off a car to an office other than the office where the car was picked up, one way charge is required depending on the distance. Please contact us about the rates of one way charge.


Driver's licenses

Japanese domestic driver's license or international driver's license obtained in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1949 are applicable. International driver's license holders should present their passport simultaneously. Driver's licenses issued in 3 countries of Switzerland, Germany and France are also acceptable, presented with the Japanese translation of a driver's license and their passport simultaneously.


At the time of rental please have your current driver's license, passport and credit card with you. We ask you to prepay an estimated amount by credit card when you pick up the car. We accept most of the credit cards.(VISA、MASTER、etc.)

Non Operation Charge

In case of an accident, a customer shall bear 20,000 yen or 50,000 yen as a part of the business compensation, for we cannot rent the car to next customer during the repair period.