「Hokkaido Expressway Pass」

【For foreign visitors to Japan only!】

Unlimited expressway rides in Hokkaido for a flat rate!
For details, please check the following website.


「Hokkaido Expressway Pass」

Service details

This is a service that allows you to rent a special ETC card together with a rental car
and enjoy unlimited rides on Hokkaido’s expressways at a flat rate.

*ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) is a system that allows drivers to pay tolls without stopping the vehicle by inserting an IC card into an ETC on-board unit installed in the vehicle, which communicates wirelessly with an antenna installed at an expressway toll booth.


Foreign passport holders or Japanese who have permanent residency in a foreign country
Holders of an international driver’s license that can be used in Japan

International driver’s license available in Japan


Number of days of useStandard car
2 days3,700 yen
3 days5,200 yen
4 days6,300 yen
5 days6,800 yen
6 days7,300 yen
7 days7,800 yen
8 days8,400 yen
9 days8,900 yen
10 days9,500 yen
11 days10,000 yen
12 days10,500 yen
13 days11,000 yen
14 days11,500 yen

Car type

Only rental cars (standard car type category) that have ETC wireless communication are eligible for this service.
Various ETC discounts are available. Depending on the time of day and the area, you may be able to receive a discount.


All highways in Hokkaido
Hokkaido Expressway, Sasson Expressway, Doto Expressway, Fukagawa-Rumoi Expressway, and Hidaka Expressway.

How to apply

Call the participating locations to apply.

Applicable locations