Winter Road Driving

In Hokkaido, where great food and leisure travel can be enjoyed all year round, extended stays are popular for visiting a variety of sightseeing spots.
Driving a rental car is the main mode of transportation in Hokkaido, so it is important to be careful when driving in this spacious area. The wide roads are easy to drive on, which can lead to unconscious speeding, and in the cities there is a high incidence of distracted driving as people admire the scenery. In particular, it is important to be careful when driving from fall to early spring on the compacted snow filled roads.

Watch out for the black ice!

A phenomenon peculiar to snow-covered roads called “ice burn” often occurs when snow on the road becomes slippery as it hardens due to pressure from being driven on. In particular, since there is no sunlight near tunnel entrances and exits, after the snow melts, the road surface often experiences this ice burn. Sudden braking, steering, acceleration, or other sudden actions increase the risk of skidding, which can lead to an accident.
The most important thing to watch out for is black ice burn, where the asphalt appears to be wet. Even if you think it is normal asphalt, there is a thin layer of ice on top and it is very slippery when driving over it. Be careful because your vehicle may skid into oncoming traffic, resulting in an accident.

Watch out for whiteout conditions!

This is a phenomenon in which visibility is completely obstructed by snow brought by snowstorms caused by seasonal winds or typhoon-like low pressure systems. During a whiteout, it is very dangerous because you can lose sight of not only oncoming traffic, but also the edges of the road. If you encounter one, turn on your hazard lights and stop the car immediately until it subsides.
If you must continue driving during a whiteout, be sure to slow down and turn on your lights so that oncoming traffic can see you. Also, if there is a car in front of you, leave at least twice the usual distance between cars to prevent accidents from occurring.
In Hokkaido, where there is a lot of snow, it is difficult to stop even if you want to stop immediately. Skidding caused by braking suddenly is dangerous when driving to close to the vehicle in front of you, so be sure to drive with plenty of room between you and other vehicles.

In order to avoid accidents on snow-covered roads, it is important to drive safely.
Toyota Rent a Car offers many types of 4WD vehicles for stable driving on the snow-covered roads in Hokkaido.

Ski and Snowboard Carrier Rentals

You can enjoy winter sports in various different parts of Hokkaido.
We offer ski and snowboard carriers as an option so that you can load skis and snowboards onto your car and enjoy winter sports without worry.

Optional Fees

Corolla Fielder : 1,100 yen/rental
W1 to W3 and SUV3 class : 2,200 yen/rental