Hokkaido Expressway Pass

The "Hokkaido Expressway Pass" is a special product that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways at through the ETC system, one flat rate.
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a system which allows the use of an ETC card in properly equipped vehicles to pay expressway tolls through wireless communication to an antenna in the tollgate, without stopping. This extremely convenient system bypasses the hassle of stopping to pay.

Special product "Hokkaido Expressway Pass"


The Hokkaido Expressway Pass is available only to visitors to Japan, who hold a passport other than Japanese. However, Japanese citizens who have permanent residence in another country are also eligible.


Consecutive Days Regular Auto
2 Days 3,600yen
3 Days 5,100yen
4 Days 6,200yen
5 Days 6,700yen
6 Days 7,200yen
7 Days 7,700yen
8 Days 8,200yen
9 Days 8,700yen
10 Days 9,300yen
11 Days 9,800yen
12 Days 10,300yen
13 Days 10,800yen
14 Days 11,300yen

Object model

Limited to rental car that travels by ETC radio communication (vehicle segment normal car). We conduct various ETC discount. Depending on your interval time zone, you might prefer to take advantage of these discounts is undervalued.

Service Period

Availability by Area
All expressways in Hokkaido

How to apply

Please apply by phone to target store

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